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From a female WOG

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Nov. 24th, 2009 | 10:07 pm
posted by: sky_mistress in patrolling

Anyone just as excited as me for Patrolling season 3?? I just bought some merch from the Rant Store - a nice WOG shirt that I'll be taking pics and posting on my journal.

I can definitely say that watching Patrolling has changed my life or at least enhanced it. I was already into survivalist and utilitarian ways of life but didn't know about this thing called "WOG". It just kind of gathered a lot of what I already was and organized it and helped me know what to look for in a belt, or shoes, or pants, etc. It has helped soo much. I've gained my own knowledge of everyday surviving and gear only after Patrolling kind of kick started my mind for that thought.

I'd like to see what others carry on their belt line!!

Currently I'm wearing just a standard gunbelt that does not fit in any belt loops I own, but as a woman - its already difficult enough in that area ( I swear no clothing company sticks with belt loop standards or pocket standards at that with women clothing...its fracking frustrating!!).

I have in a double mag pouch - a multitool by gerber, suspension model... a very powerful formula of mace.... an led penlight(ish) flashlight by riverrock - BEST VALUE EVER!! And my phone in a holster. Sometimes I will wear my camera in a camera bag that neatly fits on my gun belt as well.

** Can't wait to get my hands on a tactical CORSET... (basically a female tactical vest ) **

Hope to hear from fellow wogs!!!

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from: iwegon215
date: Feb. 16th, 2013 08:07 pm (UTC)

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