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Patrolling Fans

Because you have to be prepared to survive these days

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From the Patrolling web site:
Patrolling with Sean Kennedy shows you how to kit up your mind and body for patrolling. This video series prepares you mentally and physically to survive in our modern world. Sean takes you through the process from the bottom up on how to deal with everyday life.

This community has been created for LJ users to discuss the show, the equipment, and the ideas behind it, as well as keep each other alert to their own problems and solutions found while living in the modern world.

In this comunity, we will use the term "wog" to reffer to fans of the Patrolling show. Please, do not argue over the meaning of "wog."

To read Sean Kennedy's LJ, where he lists the NewsReal articles daily, go to sean_kennedy.

Current News: Patrolling S2E1 - RELEASED!

Decrease Suffering.